Wade Confuses The Apple Man

Wade decided to add some RAM to my laptop. During the process he noticed my battery was bubbling. I had seen this a while ago, but didn’t even think twice about it. Oops. Wade did a little research online and found the batteries now had an extended two year warranty because of this problem. My two year warranty would have ended in January – which was after I had noticed the bubble. The fact that we bought my laptop from Colorware, who painted it red, and not from Apple also made my situation a little more complicated. Wade called Colorware and they said to talk to Apple. If we got a new battery they would paint it to match my computer. Wade made an appointment and took my battery into the store. The guy was extremely confused by the obviously Apple battery that was red in color (Apple laptops do not come in color). Wade explained it to him and the guy was actually really excited about the concept. Wade came home with a new battery for me. The best part? Most batteries start to wear out in 2-3 years anyway so now I have a brand new one and hopefully another 2-3 years!

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