Ice Storm in Paducah

It turns out my mom picked a good time to visit. There was a huge ice storm in Paducah Monday night and evidently it was really bad. We have been able to talk to family and friends and most people are okay, but 90% of the area is without power. My mom’s side of the family lives about 20 minutes outside of Paducah. They have all driven in and are staying at my mom’s house. She has a gas hot water heater, gas logs in her bedroom, and a wood burning fireplace (with a huge stack of wood) in her den. They are hoping to have power back to most of the people by the end of the weekend, but who knows. The people living farther outside the city will obviously be much later getting power. We hear that a few restaurants and grocery stores are open, but let only a certain number of people in at a time and accept cash or check only. There is no gas to be had so even people with generators or heaters are starting to feel the chill. We decided mom should stay with us till at least she knows she has power at home.

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