Back To Work

Sunday Wade and I were back to work on projects. I had attempted to finish up most of my painting while he was in Orlando. I painted the nursery furniture, the dining room ceiling, and then ran into trouble. The previous owners completely renovated the kitchen back in 2003. They did a great job (and I don’t say that lightly – we’ve seen their other work). However, the spice cabinet (which I think was originally a built-in ironing board) was the only thing done cheaply. Someone had mismatched metal rails for shelves on either side, used a variety of screws, and the shelf color didn’t match the cabinet color. I had decided it wasn’t worth trying to do much, but I was going to paint it and put in new rails. I removed the rails and found a random hinge between the side wall and the back wall. I determined this was causing the shelves to be at funny angles and requiring the rails to not be continuous so I tried to remove it. Turns out that one hinge was holding the back wall in place. At this point I left it for Wade (and wish I had a picture). Wade decided the best solution was to rip it all out and build me a new interior. Isn’t my husband great? He spent Sunday building the cabinet (the rails are now going to be recessed – oooh aah) and I put a first coat of paint on it Sunday night.

The plan is to finish it tomorrow and have my kitchen put back together. The crazy thing is I actually have enough spices to fill the cabinet. I have a separate small cabinet for all liquid type items.
On a side note – that is me at 34 weeks and still wearing my normal paint clothes. Those have to be the only non-maternity jeans that are still comfortable. Too bad they can’t be worn in public.

  1. You are such a little peanut! 🙂

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