My New Favorite Grandma Story

My grandmother has been living in an assisted living facility since my grandfather died a couple of years ago. She is having trouble with her short term memory, but has developed a great sense of humor. My mother often visits in the morning and this conversation took place during one of their morning visits.

My mom entered grandma’s room with a sausage biscuit for grandma and a Diet Coke for herself.

Grandma asked for a drink so mom poured her some of the Diet Coke.

Grandma comments, ‘This is some of the worst coffee I have ever had.”

Mom (assuming grandma is a little confused), “Mother, that’s Coke, not coffee.”

Grandma, “Well I know that. But it seems you should have coffee with a biscuit.”

I wonder how many times we assume someone older is confused when they are only making a joke and then how silly they think we are!

  1. That is too Cute!

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