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A Snowy Day

I woke up this morning to this:

It continued throughout the day. I did some work and then Madison joined me for a nap:

I finally got motivated to start working on my last big painting project – the small guest room. I moved the last few things out of the closet and began stripping shlack with the heat gun. I have mentioned before how well it works, but here is a picture:

I didn’t realize the walls and ceiling need as much work as they do. That part generally falls to Wade so I’m not sure exactly when I expect to complete this project. I think my goal of Christmas is a little unrealistic – especially with our travel schedule.

  1. I would love to see snow and not all this rain… 🙁

  2. I love the snow. It’s the ice that forms on the steps and walkways that is giving me some trouble.

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