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The Warmest Room In The House

We got another round of snow today – about 4 inches I think. Wade decided to tackle the shoveling when he got home from work and I cooked dinner. He came inside quite cold and decided the warmest room was the downstairs bathroom. He could turn on a space heater and really warm up. Madison decided that sounded like a good idea too. I got a kick out of them hanging out in the bathroom.

  1. Our snowblower is your snowblower until you guys buy one! Please don’t hesitate to call or stop over to borrow it. Neither of you are in the condition to be battling the Wisconsin snow.

  2. Nick made Wade’s day the other morning when he offered the use of the snow blower – you guys are awesome. The good news is ours will be delivered this afternoon!

  3. That is such a cute picture. I love it!

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