I Love Milwaukee

Wade and I spent most of yesterday in the car (with a full trailer) hoping to get home before the snow hit. The first time we checked the weather the predictions were 1-3 inches, but they were quickly increased to 6-10. We made it to Chicago before we saw any precipitation and that was only rain. The snow started falling as we entered Milwaukee – giving us just enough time to unload the trailer and return it to U-Haul.
I woke up this morning to a winter wonderland. I can’t seem to find any reliable source telling exactly how much snow is on the ground – the range seems to be 4-10 inches. Wade was out early shoveling snow (you got it, we haven’t bought a snow blower yet), but our neighbor, Nick, offered his. Thank goodness – it still took Wade 45 minutes to get his car out!

  1. Look at that gorgeous girl!! It doesn’t seem so long ago the phtpograoher and I were that age. Time flies by too fast, I hope she enjoys every minute of this time. It is really all about her and she is absolutly beautiful, and I can tell on the inside too!

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