That Was Quick

Wade and I have had quite a few items that we wanted to sell, but we haven’t gotten around to listing them. This week Wade finally got serious about the selling. He sold our first TiVo and got a lot more than we expected. He also finally listed his car. We’ve been meaning to sell it ever since he bought the Audi, but with his knee surgery it never happened. Now it is cold and we would love to use our garage and have one less car in the driveway. He listed the car last night and sold it tonight. The car wasn’t worth much and he listed it on the low side to sell quickly (love Craig’s list), but we were both surprised at the response he got. The car is gone and now we have some extra money for fun new stuff – like a snow blower.

  1. Amy Schlotthauer

    Congrats! A snow blower is a MUST!

  2. I just know we are going to be those people that wait till after the first big snow to get our snow blower.

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