A Lot of Nothing

I again worked all day on the sunroom windows – this is a bigger project than I thought. When Wade got home from work I wanted to go to Kenosha (an hour south) and look at a dining room table a man was selling on craig’s list. It was mission style and supposedly in perfect condition for a not so bad price. Wade decided if we were going that far we should drive further down to IKEA in Chicago to look for shelving for a closet in the nursery. The table was not solid wood, which the man had thought. For most people this might not be a big deal. Wade and I are hard on furniture and would like the option of refinishing a table top. It took much longer than anticipated to reach IKEA and then we realized they were closed – an hour earlier than we thought. It was a long night with nothing productive accomplished at the end. I did finish my book with all the car time.

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