Politics, Debates, and Personalities

I have heard it said that if TV were used in campaigns like today that FDR would never have been elected. I can see how that is very true. I just got around to watching the Vice Presidential Debate last night and the latest Presidential Debate this morning. I’m not much for posting on politics and don’t plan to. However by watching the debates and ignoring the discussion on issues, I have to say some of the candidates come across noticeably better. It’s amazing how much a joke that falls flat, or a goofy grin at the wrong time can help you to form an opinion. Strictly off the personality criteria I’d have to say my two favorites are Obama and Palin. They just seem much more personable, with-it (age does seem to matter), engaging, and a little less “me, me, me”. I liked that Palin agreed with Biden when appropriate or included him in her comment about they do both know what the role of Vice President entails. I didn’t like how McCain tried to make a joke about how he would actually answer a question or insert a comment about how Obama still hadn’t specified the health care fines. The points he was trying to make were fine, it was the way he said them. What annoyed me is that I would find myself paying less attention to their actual words (on the issues) and more on how they were delivered. Maybe I can get a transcript of the debates somewhere and just read their responses.

  1. Heh, I’m not sure the Obama/Palin ticket is an option. You might have to rethink your stance before election day. 🙂

  2. Now I didn’t say that is who I want to vote for. I said I liked their personalities the best or rather how they presented themselves during the debates. Who I’d actually vote for is a whole other issue.

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