My Husband is Awesome

While in Paducah, I spent some time helping mom get ready for the rehearsal dinner. She wanted me to touch up the trim on some of the door frames. Being my mother, she didn’t provide me with paint but with white-out. I normally put on work clothes for anything even remotely messy, but didn’t think this qualified. I should have known. I somehow ended up with white-out on my jeans. I didn’t see it until it dried. I tried all the things I knew and couldn’t get it out. I even tried to cover it up with a fabric marker. Nothing worked. This happened to be my favorite pair of jeans and the only pair I brought to Paducah. I ran out to the mall and bought a new pair at American Eagle, but I was still bummed. I mentioned it to Wade on the phone and he said to bring them home. He’d try his magic.

Wow – Wade got out the white-out and the fabric marker! He has become really good at stain removal. His clothes always have random stains show up – we can’t even determine what most of them are or where they come from. This is the first time I have fully appreciated his skills.

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