There’s Always Time for Shopping

Mom and her good friend, Carolyn, came back to Milwaukee with me. They wanted to see my house and I love for them to “decorate”. We rode the train and arrived in Milwaukee around 5 pm. I had just enough time to pick Madison up from the kennel and then we decided there was time for a little shopping. One of our local department stores has a GoodWill Sale twice a year. For every item of clothing you donate to GoodWill they give you a 20% off coupon – good for any item in the store. I had 15 coupons and they expired today. Mom and I didn’t buy anything, but Carolyn found the bedding she had been looking for. To make it even better the store is no longer carrying Tommy Hilfiger so all items were already marked 60% off. Carolyn bought the entire set and had it shipped home for $17 – what a deal!

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