Welcome to Moe’s

I never ate at Moe’s in Atlanta, but when one opened in Anderson I fell in love. I could eat their nachos every day of the week. Then we moved to Milwaukee and I thought I said good-bye. When we were looking at houses WAY outside of Milwaukee we found a Moe’s. The only two times we ate there were when we put the two offers in on our houses (the nearest we came to WAY out there). Then I got pregnant and sick. Most things in general didn’t sound good, but Moe’s did. It was one of the first meals I kept down. We have discovered by interstate it only takes about 20 minutes to get there and have been at least a couple times in the last few weeks. I think Wade is just more willing to humor me now!

  1. That was one of my favorite restaurants in Birmingham, and now there’s one in Marion, IL. “WELCOME TO MOE’S!!!” HAHA–I keep hoping they’ll put one in Paducah soon, like the rumors say is happening. I am like you with the nachos! And I love all the names of the menu items. Too funny!
    This is too weird–one of my “RECAPTCHA” words I have to type is “Marion”.

  2. I saw Moe’s in Marion last time I took the train in to visit. I’ve already told mom that I have to eat there when I come into town in September. Nachos! Nachos!

  3. I just had Moe’s for the first time about 2 weeks ago…GREAT STUFF. Took us forever to figure out what to order, but we both thought what we had was excellent and great for the price.
    Who would have thunk in tiny Ashland, KY.

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