How Did That Happen?

I have to admit to being very lax when it comes to my fish. I only had one left alive after my trip to Charleston and he wasn’t looking so good. He eventually died and about that time the kitchen in general was making me sick. I didn’t touch the tank and neither did Wade. It has been on my list this week, but I haven’t quite gotten to it. (Let’s not add up how long the tank has had a dead fish.)

Tonight I was helping Wade cook dinner and saw something move in the tank. I walked over and there is a little tiny baby fish swimming around. I am very confused by this. All of the fish I had were Mollies, which give birth to live young. Either that fish has been in there the whole time and I never saw it or it appeared from the dead fish (who has now mysteriously disappeared). Very odd. I guess I will begin to put food back in the tank.

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