SummerFest in Milwaukee

I surprised Wade and arrived two hours early. It turns out the trains from Chicago to Milwaukee are unreserved and your ticket is good for any train within a three day window. This saved me a three hour wait in Chicago. Wade picked me up with flowers and Madison. We went out for dinner and a little shoe shopping before driving downtown for Summerfest – Milwaukee’s outdoor music fest.
The festival lasts all week and I missed everything but the last night. We didn’t know any of the bands, but figured we’d just go for the experience. We found a parking spot on the road and walked a good 20 minutes to the gate. Then we learned that no cameras were allowed. We took this quick picture and then turn around to walk back to the car.

At this point we had spent almost an hour walking so we decided to park closer and pay the fee. We made our way in and to the country stage for “Lady Antebellum”. They evidently only have two songs out and then played Tom Petty and other artists. We walked to all of the other stages before deciding we had seen, enjoyed, and were done.

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