Wade Is Very Lucky

Wade brought up the idea last week of saving up his points for an iPhone. I was open to the idea and mentioned I have been secretly wanting one too. I would be more than happy with an older, used model. Wade wants the brand new one. We did a little research and found that he could sell his current phone (pictured below) on ebay for almost $200. He bought it in Hong Kong and it is still in great condition. He could also sell his iPod, which would about cover the cost of the iPhone. The points he will turn in will be based more on the monthly increase to our phone plan when we add a data plan.

Then they send Wade to Florida for research. He doesn’t return my call one evening and the next morning I have an email telling me he lost his phone. Evidently he left the phone on the table at dinner (Wade and his piles) and realized it as soon as he got to the hotel. He called the restaurant and they couldn’t find it. He called them the next day and they still didn’t have it. We assumed it was gone at this point and Wade was not too happy. Then last night he was out walking and ended up near the restaurant. He figured it wouldn’t hurt to stop in and ask. They had it! I can’t imagine why it would be there after three days unless no one actually looked when he phoned to ask. Regardless he is super excited and the iPhone is now much more likely.

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