Meeting the Locals

I had Madison inside with me yesterday and she went nuts when the mailman walked up to deliver the mail. (She does this till I open the door. Then she quits barking and wants attention.) He was nice and had doggie treats in his pocket. We chatted for a while and then off he went. Today he left a package on my doorstep with a doggie treat on top. How cute!

Wade and I also met an awesome couple yesterday. We are selling our old appliances on the craig’s list and they came by to look at the dishwasher. They didn’t end up buying it but we talked for quite a while. They saw my Sticky Fingers t-shirt and that began a great conversation on barbeque. They offered to have us over for dinner sometime after pointing out meals are crazy at their house (they have 10 kids). I warned them that Wade doesn’t turn down invitations to barbeque.

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