Making It Right

While Wade and I were in Anderson packing up our furniture, we had Sandmasters refinishing the stairs and the floors in the master bedroom. We were very impressed with the floors, but not with the clean-up. They had been in the breaker box and left a circuit breaker off – the one that went to the refrigerator. When we got back all of the ice had melted and the hardwood kitchen floors were bowed and separated. Then we noticed 5 or 6 drips of poly from the stairs to the backdoor. We have had the guy come out twice and I think we are all happy with the conclusion. He doesn’t really think the drips are from his guys, we can’t say 100% they weren’t already here, but they look fresh. The guy decided a happy customer was the most important and is going to take care of them. Now that is customer service. We have to wait for most of the moisture to evaporate from the floors and then we will determine the best course of action.

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