The Never Ending Project

My goal before our furniture was delivered was to complete painting in the living room and dining room. I had planned to paint the walls, the ceilings, and the trim. The trim turned into a nightmare. I thought a good sealer coat would be enough to cover the stained trim and I would still be able to use a latex paint. Wrong. Sometimes the stain bled through; sometimes the paint cracked. I tried numerous paints and methods before giving up. I even had the guys at Sherwin Williams stumped. I had a painter come in to give me a quote – he said $27,000 for all trim, doors, and windows – and then Wade decided to figure it out.

Wade set up on the mantle with four different paints. We think he found a solution. Sand with an orbital; two coats of Zinser BIN, lightly sand, one coat of Sherwin-Williams Pro Block; one coat latex semi-gloss.

This project is much larger than anticipated, but I think the results are looking good. I still have the Pro Block and semi-gloss to go:

  1. $27,000??? I hope that’s a typo! WOW!

  2. That’s not a typo! Insane isn’t it?

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