Let’s Make Some Money

Our house in Milwaukee is slightly smaller than our house in Anderson. More importantly, there is radiant heat which leads to less wall space. We also lost a walk-in attic. All of this has motivated Wade and I to sell, donate, and throw out. We decided to keep a running tally of everything we sell and then use that money to buy new stainless appliances for the kitchen to match our fridge. As of today, we have sold a refrigerator (came with the house), a dresser, a rug, a dog house, a set of TV trays, two televisions, a microwave, dishes, glasses, pots, pants, etc. It is nice to be back in an area with an active Craig’s list – perfect for the larger items. I still use eBay for the smaller things. Our current total is $696. My guess is we’ll get another hundred from the remaining items. I am going to wait to sell our current appliances until the new ones arrive!

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