We’ve Been Pepplered

Wade and I only met the Peppler family a couple of times during the house buying process. It probably isn’t a fair evaluation, but we decided we don’t like them. The more and more issues we find with the house (all little things) only cements our feelings. To this end we have created a new phrase, “We’ve been Pepplered.” We use this whenever we find something done really weird to the house – clear unpaintable caulk EVERYWHERE, drywalling around a ceiling fan mounting bracket, glass windows replaced with plexiglass, etc. None of it is a big deal – no holes in the wall or anything major. But it is always an inconvenience that makes our project just a little harder. We can’t even really say it was previous owners because they were in the house for ten years. We have been using the phrase freely and I know we are going to get caught – most of our neighbors seemed to really like the Pepplers and I have already seem them out once around town. Oh well, we’re having fun with it for now.

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