Help Me!

Wade and I spent the evening working at our new house. About 11:30 pm, Wade decided it was time to head back to the apartment. He was parked behind me and left a few minutes before I was ready. I finished cleaning up and started looking for my car keys. Then I kept looking – counters, drawers, my purse, etc. I even went outside to see if Wade had left them in my car when he installed my fixed CD player (Yeah for CDs again). They weren’t there, but I realized he had left my interior lights on (oops). I went inside to call Wade (on my quickly dying cell phone) and see if he had put my keys somewhere odd when he had been cleaning. As I waited for him to pick up, I heard his phone ringing in the house. At this point I was pretty sure Wade had both sets of car keys and I had both cell phones. I didn’t have the number to our apartment building so I couldn’t call the door man. Then I decided to call my mom and have her email Wade. I knew he would check his email fairly soon after getting home.

Madison and I settled down with a book to wait. The worst that could happen would be to spend the night, but I knew Wade would get worried about me at some point. I was just hoping he would pull out both sets of car keys out of his pocket when he got home.

About 45 minutes later Wade arrived. He hadn’t immediately realized it, but before he got the email from my mom he found he had two sets of car keys. He had loaded up his car with another load before coming to rescue me!

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