Wade / Holly / Toadfrogs

Climbing a Mountain

We were even lazier as a group today. I know for a fact most of us didn’t shower till 9 or 10 at night. We started the morning off with pancakes and omelets. The rest of the morning and afternoon was spent playing games, napping, or reading. Travis, Cori, Wade, and I had an awesome game of Spades. We also learned a new game – Bang. Let’s not forget that we are all from Tech. The closest neighbors had an unencrypted wireless connection so we all ventured to the basketball court at least once to check email.

Wade spent the afternoon hiking and found the trail to the top of a nearby hill. We decided to try the hike as a group. We piled into the two rented SUVs and drove until the rode disappeared. At that point we started hiking – straight up! Most of us were having quite a bit of trouble with the altitude and the hard climb – poor Derek even had Kaley on his back.

After the hike we decided to munch on appetizers – homemade guacamole and an incredible garlic and goat cheese spread by Travis. Wade cooked burgers and we all ate and ate. Then Wade surprised me with a very chocolately birthday cake! The left over candles were rearranged for Kaley’s benefit.

By this point we were all exhausted. Brad, Travis, and Kaley cuddled on the couch to watch Care Bears and the rest of us played games.

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