But It Is Original

As of today, Wade and I own two houses. We signed the papers for our new house in Wauwatosa, WI and get possession on April 22. This wasn’t exactly the plan so if anyone wants a summer home in Anderson, please let us know. I plan to do some painting for a few days and then we are meeting the movers in SC to pack up our belongings.

Before signing the papers we had a final walk through to make sure the items noted on the home inspection had been fixed. We had listed three items – repair chimney, gutters for the garage, and unclogging a bathroom sink drain. All of the items had been handled except for the drain. The owner showed Wade the drain and then tried to explain that the sink was original to the 1920 house. We understood that, but it has nothing to do with why it doesn’t drain. Even old sinks should work properly.

This wasn’t really a big deal – we plan to remodel the bathroom anyway and will fix it when we do. Wade simply doesn’t like working on drains and had tried to save himself the trouble.

  1. Congratulations! I’ll be back in Milwaukee in early October if not before, so hopefully I can see you guys–and maybe the new house–then!

  2. Congrats!
    Send me your new address so I can update our database!

  3. Congratulations! I am anxious to see pictures as the remodeling begins. I know…I still owe you pictures of our house and its projects!

  4. How exciting, CONGRATULATIONS! What a big birthday present. I know your excited. Hope you have a wonderful birthday.

  5. Thanks everybody! We are very excited to start work. I should be able to post pictures of the inside later this week.

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