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Wedding Day

Today was the big day – Daniel and Karen got married. Wade spent the morning running errands with Daniel. I went to breakfast at Waffle House with Liz and Adam’s parents. Then we dressed for the wedding and arrived willing to help. Instead we watched the comedy show going on in the groomsmen’s dressing room.

Then it was time for the ceremony. Everything went smoothly and the name is now Karen Chandler.

The next stop was the Fraternal Order of the Eagle for the wedding reception. Betsey and Dan were also at the wedding so we had a nice Tech reunion.

After the reception hall was cleaned up and returned to pristine condition, Wade and I made a quick trip to the mall. I had bought him a shirt at Dillard’s when I was in KY and he didn’t want it. There are no Dillard’s in Milwaukee so we carried the shirt with us the entire trip to return it in Huntsville. The shirt was quickly returned and we joined Adam, Liz, and Adam’s parents for dinner. Then we sat and talked in the hotel lobby till almost 12:30 – we are trying to plan another joint vacation.

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