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A Birthday Breakfast and a Costly Mistake

After an all night flight from Quito to Atlanta (arriving at 6 am), none of us were in top form. Wade and I were leaving everyone in Atlanta and renting a car for our drive to Madison, Alabama for a wedding (or so we thought). After much arguing with Delta and paying a hefty fee (they wouldn’t let us have our bags without the fee), I realized I had gotten our itinerary wrong. I just knew from day one that we were leaving the group in Atlanta. It turns out we were supposed to leave the group in Nashville. Wade was great about it and just said, “I’m glad I have a wife who makes mistakes.”

We retrieved our bags and the nice woman at the National Car Rental counter had sympathy for us. She got us a one-way rental to Huntsville for the same rate we had secured in Nashville. Jamie’s boyfriend had arranged an early birthday breakfast and we finally got out of the airport and on to breakfast. We had a wonderful “Southern” breakfast – grits, biscuits, gravy, etc.

Wade and I alternated driving and finally arrived in Madison, Alabama for Daniel Chandler’s wedding. We checked into our hotel and both took a nice long nap. We woke up in time for a quick visit to Daniel’s house and then on the rehearsal at the church.

We hadn’t given the wedding much thought and were doing good to arrive with appropriate attire. We were pleasantly surprised to realize Adam and Liz would be at the wedding too! Adam and Wade were excited to learn the rehearsal dinner was being held in an old jail.

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