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Day Seven – Scuba Diving, Giant Tortoises, and Pirates

A smaller group of us wanted a second round of scuba diving. Guy, Sonya, and I joined a few others and spent our morning with the same dive crew. This time I saw most of the same animals except I saw a hammerhead shark up close! At the end of our second dive, the dive master motioned for Guy and Sonya to surface, but wanted me to stay down longer. This is unusual and definitely not the safest course of action. The dive master had quite a bit of air left and shared his with me so that I could experience more underwater time. Guy and Sonya didn’t stop for their safety stop and had to go back down, but it worked out fine and there were no ill effects.

Digital image

We were quite late returning from the dive and had to join our group at the Charles Darwin Station – a refuge for land tortoises. I came into the tour part way, but I did get a picture with one of the large turtles. Sadly the guides weren’t too keen on us sitting on the turtles backs.

The night activity was themed “Pirate Night”. We all received pirate decorations in our room and were asked to wear them. Wade and I ended up being some of the more tame people present. The dinner was local dishes and included sushi – but the freshest sushi I have ever tasted. The tuna was outstanding!

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