A Bowling Alley and a Pool Hall

Today was full of games. Wade had a work bowling thing so I went along to cheer. I met a friend’s significant other and rooted for the team. The only problem is the large amounts of smoke in the alley. Yuck. Wade and I then spent the evening at a pool hall. We haven’t played pool since we lived in Atlanta and were pleasantly surprised to find this place was huge with no wait on a Saturday night. To put icing on the cake, this pool hall had a Mexican restaurant inside. We played pool and ate Mexican! I even won one game all on my own (I normally win because Wade scratches).

  1. But the question is…was it as cool as the little pool hall hole in the wall in Danville? If you didn’t know where Dave was…check the pool hall!
    By the way, I’ll be in Danville this coming Sunday…I’m hoping to drive Em and Melilla by the Valley!
    Hope your eye gets better soon!

  2. Thanks Travis. I miss the Valley. I haven’t been pack in years.

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