I Don’t Need To See…. Crunch

Mom and I spent the day in Nashville. We had time for a stop at Old Time Pottery before meeting Melissa for lunch. Then we spent the day running to different malls and stores all over Nashville. We bought Wade some Gold Label shirts at Dillard’s. I bought a dress for a wedding in March. I also bought knick knacks and a new bed spread for my room at Dad’s house. My favorite purchase was four framed pictures that I have been admiring for a few years. They were on sale and I finally decided to use them in my room at Dad’s house.

As we were leaving the mall, Mom asked me to drive to Melissa’s house. We were packing bags in the back of the car and one bag was blocking part of the window. Mom asked me if it would bother me and I said, “I don’t need to see out the back.” Two seconds later we hear a crunch and feel a slight impact. It turns out that somebody put a pole, painted the same color as the brick wall, right in my path. I was in Mom’s car two seconds and messed up her bumper. I haven’t done that in my car, ever. She just starts laughing and repeating my words, “I don’t need to see.” At least she thinks it’s funny. I still feel horrible.

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