Antiquing and a Play

Mom and I spent the morning in downtown Paducah. I found an antique chest of drawers that I love. It is an English splitter chest (it comes apart to be taken up the small staircases in old houses). The chest would look great in our bedroom, but it was a little expensive for Wade and I. Instead I bought it to use in my room at Dad’s house. I can’t wait to get it in there and “arrange”. (Mine is not the one below but similar. The one I bought is more American with wooden knobs, straighter lines, etc.)

Mom and I had dinner with Joyce at Di Fratelli’s and then went to see the play Annie at the local performing arts center. What a wonderful play! I sat with Mary Ann and we both enjoyed the musical. It’s too bad Melissa wasn’t in town. My red head sister always loved the story.

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