A Trip to China and Girls’ Night Out

Wade’s work is sending him to China for a week. He spent last night trying to gather enough batteries and movies to last on the 15 hour flight. He’s concerned about being cooped up in a small seat with nothing to do. You know the insomniac isn’t going to sleep any. He got up early to finish packing and they picked him up at 8 am.

I am on my own for 8 days. I realized I had most of my work for next week already done so I decided to spend the week in KY. Then I remembered that I was invited out with the girls on Saturday night and a big storm was coming through on Sunday. I decided to stay for the girls’ night out.

Christin picked me up and we went to her house. Liz arrived with garlic bread and chocolate. We made shrimp, pasta, and garlic bread – yum!. Then we had chocolate cookies, starbust jelly beans, and garlic popcorn for snacking during the movies. We watched Sideways and Under the Tuscan Sun. As Liz drove me home, I realized it was well past midnight. I had contemplated heading for KY after my night out but realized I was much too tired. I’ll just see what the weather is like tomorrow.

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