I Take It Back

I take back every good thing I ever said about Coop’s (the gym we joined in Anderson). To start at the beginning, when we first joined the club we asked a lot of questions about how to get out of the contract because we knew we most likely wouldn’t be in Anderson for too long. We also wouldn’t sign a 2 year contract but did sign for a year. We were told all that was needed to end our membership was a pay stub from Wade’s new job. Then they wouldn’t accept the one he provided. They pointed out that there was a sister gym in Racine (40 miles away) and under our contract we had to use that. This is definitely not what we were told initially, but our copy of the contract was in Anderson and we couldn’t check. Wade tried to get some help from the local gym people and they basically told him “good luck” he would have to deal with the financial company. After numerous emails, phone calls, faxes, and an extra two months of payment we finally got the dang thing cancelled. I’m not entirely sure how Wade did it but thank goodness. Needless to say we will never join a gym again – all the snake oil things we have heard are true. I think we’ll stick with the nice YMCA’s.

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