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Playing in the Snow

Wade and I spent the morning boot shopping and not finding as much as you would expect. Evidently Milwaukee sells out of boots before Christmas. Wade found one pair and I decided to order a pair off the internet. Then came the exciting part of the day – we went snow tubing! One of Wade’s co-workers had told him that the local ski hill has tubing. We decided to try it out. What an awesome time!! There are numerous lanes and lifts to carry you and the tube up the hill. You can go down the chute by yourself or tandem (Wade and I tried that once). We got a little cold towards the end of the day – my new snow boots should be here on Wednesday – but I can’t wait to go back!

Wade and I rung in the new year in our building’s hot tub with a wonderful lake view – there are some perks to living in an apartment!

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