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Christmas Again

Wade and I went to church with his family and then made a quick dash for the car. We loaded up and headed for Paducah. We arrived just in time for my Christmas with the Fab Four – Jenny, Amy, and Johnna from high school. We met at El Chico and had a good lunch with fun presents. Johnna’s stepdaughter, Taylor, joined in the fun:

After lunch with the girls it was time for a visit to my Dad’s house. Melissa, Chris, Wade, and I arrived at dinner time. Laura cooked another fabulous meal. Pete supervised from the Kitchen bar. Evidently he is starting to slow down in his old age – Dad mentioned that he wasn’t killing mice like he used to:

After dinner we had a money free auction. Laura was determined to get rid of some things and we were happy to take them off her hands. Wade suggested using Paper, Rock, Scissors as a tie breaker, but that was never necessary. I’m leaving out pictures of the items in case I decide to pass them on some day…

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