A Very Early Morning

I have had enough of Milwaukee and am leaving (not really, but I am heading back to Paducah). Madison and I were going to drive to Paducah, return the trailer, and help my mom get ready for Christmas. The trailer has been at Wade’s work for the last few days and we suddenly realized the logistics of getting my car hooked up would mean an early morning. I had never hooked up the trailer and at least wanted Wade available if needed. However, he was headed to Chicago for the day at 7:30. That meant we needed to get up at 6 am (there goes my idea of leaving when I woke up). I set the alarm for 6 and we got up and got ready. Wade was putting his shoes on in front of his computer and says, “Holly, my computer and phone both say it is 4:30 am.” Oops. Evidently when I was setting the alarm time I messed up the clock time. We went back to bed for an hour and then started the whole process again.

I made it to Paducah without any problems. My gas mileage has suffered greatly from the trailer so it will be nice to get rid of it!

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