The Trip to Milwaukee

Nothing is ever easy. We left Paducah at 6 am, stopped by my mom’s house, and started north for Milwaukee. Wade was driving my car with the trailer attached. I was driving his car with Madison beside me. We knew there had been some snow and ice, but we didn’t anticipate the interstates being in such bad shape. Unfortunately, we had the freight elevator at our apartment place reserved from 1-4 and had only that window to unload. We were doing pretty well, but had to stop quickly for gas (my car was getting 8 mpg) towing the trailer. We then stopped a second time when I realized my phone was dying and the charger was in my car. That’s when it got worse. We got back on the interstate and immediately saw one car and one semi in the median turned the wrong way (they hadn’t collided). About that time, I continued accelerating and felt the car slide. By the time I looked around I was also in the median.

Nobody was hurt, but I couldn’t get the car out. I called Wade and we decided he should continue on. I called AAA and was told it would be at least a 2 hour wait. Thank goodness Wade had loaded Madison bag with her leash, my boots, and my laptop bag in his car. I entertained myself with a book and introduced Madison to snow (which she doesn’t seem to like). I also watched another 5 cars and 1 semi end up in the median. The semi was coming straight for me and I was about to get out of the car and run when his front end caught and he jack-knifed. At this point the truckers must have been talking to one another because they slowed traffic down and started using their hazard lights.
This isn’t quite what happened, but close enough:

I ended up out of the ditch and on my way to Milwaukee. Madison and I arrived just as the unloading was finished. I never want to end up in the median again, but it did get me out of unloading the car.

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