My Last Day in Anderson

Today was a crazy day. I kept thinking of last minute items that needed to be stuffed into my car, which was already overloaded. I was at work till noon and got set up as a contractor so I can help out as needed. I didn’t think my work laptop was going to fit in the car when they told me I needed one. I swung by home to check the mail and load Madison in the car. Then we began our 8 hour drive. Here is a picture of the car when we stopped for gas. Notice that Madison is sharing the passenger seat with a tree in the floorboard.

Now for a funny story about the boxes on top of my car. When Wade and I were loading the car last weekend we quickly realized it wasn’t all going to fit. Not to mention one of Wade’s presents hadn’t yet arrived. We decided to put the truck boxes on top of the car to save space. We went ahead and packed them full and Wade tied them down with our handy tie-downs. I asked him if I needed to worry and he said no. There wasn’t a strap around the front but they only might come off if I slammed on the brakes. I drove with the boxes up all week with no problems. On Thursday I was driving through Anderson to run an errand. I was going about 50 when I saw a light in front of me turn yellow. I thought I had plenty of room and stopped (I braked hard, but did not “slam” on the brakes). I stopped and then watched the boxes go sailing over me and then slide all the way through the intersection. Amazingly, they avoided all cars and people. Everyone got out of their cars and helped me load the boxes back inside my car. Most of us were laughing at this point. My windshield and hood are scratched, but the boxes stayed upright and didn’t crack. I had two guys at work, William and Jim, help me tie them back down. There are now four tie-downs and no way the boxes are coming off!

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