The House Situation

A lot has happened recently in our housing arrangements. Wade and I talked seriously and decided not to put an offer in on the house we were considering.

It was by far our favorite but at the top of our price range. Because the house was for sale by owner and we had talked with Larry quite a bit, Wade sent him an email to explain our situation. The response we received back was not what we expected. Larry was willing to work with us quite a bit and also willing to rent the house to us until we sold our house as long as we but in an offer with a closing date of late April. If our house didn’t sell, we could continue to rent until he sold his. We thought this sounded like a great deal and we worked out the details.

Our realtor had written up the agreement and we had been over everything for a final time when we decided not to go with this deal. I wasn’t entirely comfortable with the price of the house and Wade wasn’t sure why he was uncomfortable. We decided the perfect house is out there somewhere, but we haven’t found it yet. Wade is currently trying to find us an apartment.

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