A Day of Goodbyes in Anderson

Wade and I got to sleep a little later this morning, but we had to be in Greenville for church at 10. We love our church and will hate to leave, but everyone wished us well and we were even mentioned a few times by the preacher. We then picked up lunch and drove to Nate and Michelle’s. We spent some time eating and I loved seeing Bryson. He’ll be so much bigger next time I see him. Below is a picture of him in an outfit my mom sent.

Because of the open house, Wade and I had to spend the day in Greenville. We bought our last few Christmas presents and then took another short nap before Boiler Room. There were lots of new faces and we hated to say goodbye. But after dinner we drove back to Anderson and began packing my car. I’m trying to bring the necessities for a few months of renting without needing a trailer. Madison watched us while we packed and made our piles. She’s definitely been confused about what’s going on.

In the end, we have a few things on top and Wade took two large suitcases on the plane, but the rest should fit in my car. Thanks to my dad and Grandmother donating some furniture for a few months from Paducah.

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