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Another Long Drive

Wade and I have a busy weekend planned. We got up early this morning and ran a few errands (shopping, boarding Madison, dropping of Christmas presents) before taking time for a few quick pictures.

Next up was a visit with Kate and her family. Taylor is a bundle of energy and into everything. Anna was sweet and just slept while I held her. It was good to catch up with Kate and Scott. I hate that we don’t live closer.

We rushed from the visit with Kate to Chong’s for a quick buffet lunch at the best Chinese restaurant (Wade and I actually agree on this) with my mom. Then Wade and I hit the road for our drive to Milwaukee. We are spending a few days up there looking for a house. Wade did all of the driving and I caught up on my Smallville episodes.

  1. anonymous 10:25 mentioned that a first page costent is predisposed to favor thrillers and work against romance and literary fiction.I heartily agree, and that’s why I chose to work up a romantic thriller with tendencies towards literary fiction. (I really hate genres) I thought, why not challenge myself a bit and see if it helps really stand apart, as the only potential romantic plot that makes the first cut?The real problem with this costent, IMHO, is that there are no other cues about the plot that someone at a bookstore would have – the blurb on the back, where it was shelved, et cetera. The first page stands alone. While that’s interesting, a real book would be judged by how it lives up to the hype that it set for it by the other cues.It’s like presidential primaries that way – much of it is an expectations game.One of the critiquers already hated my entry, but more curiously hated it for reasons that don’t make any sense to me. Oh well. That’s the book biz, I guess.

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