Valley Club Reunion

I have mentioned my friends from Governor’s Scholars before. Travis emailed me a few days ago and asked for a place to stay on their drive from Florida to Ohio. I was happy to have company – I get to see friends and have company for an evening. They arrived just in time for dinner. We spent the rest of the night watching their daughter, Melilla, play with Madison. They were both ready for bed around 9.

Travis and his family are preparing for a mission trip to Bulgaria (their website is here). They are spending the next few months raising money and then will live overseas for 3.5 years. It was exciting to hear about their plans and catching up about the changes in the last year.

  1. Holly…we had a blast. Thanks so much for your hospitality. It was so fun!

  2. I’m glad you stopped by. I’d say feel free to come anytime, but it’ll be a long while before you are back in the states!

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