Full Size Spares and Wedding Bells

This is my first weekend without Wade. He arrived in Milwaukee this morning and plans to do some house hunting.

I had a lazy morning until I realized the tire place might close early. (Before Wade left he got me 4 new tires, saved the tire that was only a year old (had to replace one with a bubble), and ordered me a new rim. I’m going to get a full size spare!) I called at 11 and was told they closed at noon. I rushed out the door and got there at 11:30. My new rim had arrived and they were going to put my year old tire on the rim. I also asked them to mount it under the car and they said that would be no problem. The shocking part is when I went to pay. They wouldn’t charge me. I have used these guys before and been impressed with their nice touches, but they did 30 minutes of work for no money. Too bad we won’t be in the area to continue using them!

I tagged along with the McGuirts to Lindsay’s wedding. It was a wonderful wedding with orange bridesmaid dresses. You’d never guess she was a Clemson alum, huh? The reception was fun and had three different buffets with different themes (Californian, Southern, and Southwest). Wade missed out on some good barbecue. We stayed through cake and got to visit with lots of old friends. Lindsay and Robert should be in Jamaica relaxing by this time tomorrow.

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