For Sale

It’s official. I now have a for sale sign in my yard. I have to admit I don’t like seeing it there. I don’t like knowing I have to leave my house. I’m excited about the move and Wade’s new job, but I want to take my house with me. Oh well, I’m holding out hope that I will find an even better house in Milwaukee.

Wade spent the weekend creating an awesome website of pictures to facilitate selling our house. I think he did a great job.

  1. Who wouldn’t want this house!?!? Hope you guys have an easy time selling it and find something wonderful in your new city! Congratulations!
    PS–There’s a typo on the directions list of the house website. or/of. Sorry–everything else is fantastic!

  2. Thanks Johnna! We hope we can find a house very similar in Milwaukee. Wade left today and plans to look at houses this weekend.

  3. I’m having trouble with the navagation . . . I click the arrow and don’t go anywhere. My computer has been acting up, so that could be it.

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