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The Pumpkin Carving Tradition

Wade and I had our first pumpkin carving party the first year we were married and we have continued the tradition. The people sometimes change, but we always have a great time. This year we invited everyone we knew – church, work, neighbors, etc – and had a wonderful mix of people. The only person not in the photos is Debra, who had to leave early, but her pumpkin made the picture!

The most interesting pumpkin was definitely Daniel and Laurie’s. I’ll let you guess which one they carved.
Wade has fun making invitations for our events. He gets to put all of his photoshop and illustrator skills to good use. This is the invite for this year’s party:

  1. Dolly- Daniel's sister

    hmmm- Daniel’s pumpkin reflects him— just something not quite right(-: (Blessings to Laurie for being willing to be his wife (-: )

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