My Dad the Car Guy

My dad always seems to have an answer for all of my random questions. He seems to know at least a little bit about everything – something I also appreciate in Wade. Cars happen to be one of my dad’s specialities – what with driving a race car and all. We spent the day making small repairs on my car. I had gotten quotes for quite a few problems and was appalled at the cost. I ended up spending 1/4 of the money for the parts and we installed them ourselves. Wade also spent the day working on my CD player. He did get my CDs out, but it isn’t working yet. Darn wreck and stupid CD player.

After a little football and a short nap, we went to Chophouse 47 for dinner. I have seen this restaurant on our way to Bible Study and always wanted to try their steaks. Wade and i eat out a lot, but not that nice. Dad and Laura usually enjoy a nice meal so this seemed like the perfect time. Wade and I agreed it was a great meal, but I’m not sure I would go back. I think Chops in Atlanta has them beat.

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