You are Bugging Me

Wade and I have some bug problems in our house – spiders and cockroaches (the joys of an old house in South Carolina). A few months ago we called a local company “Apex”. They spray quarterly for $65 per visit and come again in between visits if needed. A month after the initial visit I was still seeing bugs so I called to set up another appointment. A different man arrived and sprayed. After talking to him, we realized we had not needed the initial treatment that we needed – dusting. He said the man was new, but should have done it. He was out of the dust but told me to call and schedule for it or I would continue to have problems. I did as he suggested (all of this took another month or two). Then I get a call wanting to schedule my quarterly spraying for the same day the man is coming to dust. I explained to the woman on the phone that I was interested in paying for another service when I hadn’t gotten what I should have with the initial service. I told her it was essentially paying double for one service. I’m not sure if she ever understood or not. She spoke with her manager and then told me they couldn’t waive the fee. I told her I wanted to cancel my service – I had seen no decrease in the number of bugs. I think she never understood what I was saying. Oh well – we’re moving soon anyway.

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