Meetings and a Little Shopping

Wade spent the whole day in meetings at METCO (Milwaukee Electric Tool Company). I spent two hours in meetings, a few hours working from the hotel room, and the rest of the day shopping for a new pair of jeans. I finally found the perfect style at American Eagle and bought two pairs – a short for to wear with flip flops and a regular to wear with winter shoes. Feeling a sense of accomplishment, I met up with Wade and some of the guys from work for pizza at Pistol Pete’s.

After dinner Wade and I were finding our way back to the hotel. We had a GPS unit, but Milwaukee is set up on a grid pattern so it is never difficult to find your way to one of the major streets. We were flying right along when suddenly a car turns around and follows us. Wade had just flown by a cop. The man pulled us over and Wade told him we were lost (which was true). He obviously took pity on us. He informed Wade he had been going 50 in a 30 mph zone, but was just giving him a warning. Then he even lead the way for us back to one of the major roads. Whew – thank goodness for the nice police man in Elm Grove. Wade has done really well in not getting tickets, but that would have been a doozy.

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