Blame it on the Double Tree

Wade and I are not normally picky about hotels. Give us some clean sheets and a decent bathroom and we’re fine. Well we did not have a good experience at the Double Tree in Milwaukee. In fact there were several issues:

1.) I woke up Saturday morning and took a lukewarm shower. I figured it had to be a scald guard, but there wasn’t much I could do about it while taking my shower.

2.) While taking a nap around 4 pm we were awakened by construction in the next room – hammering, power tools, etc. At this point we did complain and ask about the scald guard. The man at the front desk had no idea what we were talking about and simply moved us to another room.

3.) The building is a O-shape. The easiest way to get to our room was to turn right from the front entry. Evidently their meeting rooms overflow into the pathways to hotel rooms – so they close down the path. That meant we had to walk all the way around the building to get to our room. We didn’t just barge through because it was a wedding, but sheesh.

4.) I got ready to take a bath and realized there was still a scald guard on the shower. At this point I just took it off myself. Someone else someday who stays in room 244 will thank me.

5.) The key cards to our rooms kept getting messed up. Three times we got to our room and the key didn’t work. We would walk back down to the front desk and have it reprogrammed.

I have to admit that the rooms were clean and the staff tried to be helpful, but this was not a good stay. Wade and I are still having fun in Milwaukee though!

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