God and Flowing Water

Wade and I tried another new church today – and it was AWESOME. Kendall and James had called and invited us to church and lunch. The church is Summit. The leader, Jason, gave a live sermon to a small crowd and we were blown away. It’s the closest to Andy Stanley that we have found. Two staff members invited us to lunch, but we took a rain check and promised to be back next week.

I decided Madison and I both could use a run this afternoon. We rounded the corner of our house, ran by our mailbox, and stopped. Water was gushing out of the ground (the picture to the left is a slight exaggeration) and pouring onto the street at our connection to the main water line. We had received a notice for high water usage on Friday and had left messages with plumbers, but we hadn’t thought it needed immediate attention. Obviously we were wrong. Wade finally found a plumber that worked on Sundays and we got it all fixed, but wow we paid for it.

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