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Wade woke up before me this morning. If you don’t know us this might not be shocking, but this is the first time it has happened in three years of marriage and I was a little startled to wake up and find myself alone in the bed this morning. Wade also woke up in a good mood and wanted to get something accomplished. He decided we should put lights up in the hallway (this has been on the list for a long time). This hallway has always been very dark at one end. The part near the stairs has a pendant light, but there is nothing at the other end of the hall. The project actually went pretty smoothly. (Don’t look too close in the picture, I haven’t cleaned up the floor yet from all of the dust and drywall.)

We had to clean out a lot of the attic to pull up the carpet and then the planks so that we could run some wiring. In the end, I got new lights and a cleaned out attic. As you can see, Simon hasn’t survived in the attic very well and is now destined for a different life:

Now I just have to make a run to Goodwill tomorrow.

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